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This article is about a series of toys in the Power Rangers franchise.
Deluxe Megazords
Show Power Rangers
Seasons Covered: Mighty Morphin (Toyline) to
Mystic Force (Toyline),
Jungle Fury (Toyline) to
Power Rangers 20
Debut year: 1992
Released by: Bandai America
Production Order
Transforming Megazords

Power Rangers released toys of the Megazords- the Ranger's gigantic battle vehicles in various toylines over the years. These Megazords are largely redecos or re-releases of the Deluxe Mecha released by Bandai Japan annually for Super Sentai. Deluxe Megazords were released for every series up until Operation Overdrive (Toyline) wherein Bandai America began releasing the more cost-effective Transforming Megazords.

The Deluxe Zords were initially referred to as Power Zord Battle System or Power Zord System, until the third series of Mighty Morphin (Toyline) wherein the term "Deluxe" was used.

The Deluxe Megazords returned as part of the Sentai series which is part of the Power Rangers 20 toyline starting with the Deluxe Shinkenoh for collectors in 2013. Unlike the earlier releases which had Power Rangers packing these versions retain their original Japanese Super Sentai packing while having a removable paper sleeve on the box that has the Power Rangers 20 logo on it, etc.

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