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This article is about a/an mecha/base in Tokusou Sentai Dekaranger.
Carries: Dekamachine Pat Striker
Dekamachine Pat Gyro
Dekamachine Pat Trailer
Dekamachine Pat Armor
Dekamachine Pat Signer
Patwing 1
Patwing 2
Patwing 3
Patwing 4
Patwing 5
Pilot/Summoner: DekaMaster
Sentai Show: Tokusou Sentai Dekaranger
Length: 42 m
Width: 35 m
Height: 68 m
Weight: 12,000 t
Speed: 0 km/h

The DekaBase (デカベース Deka Bēsu) is the primary headquarters for the Special Police Dekaranger branches which can be found on Space Police affiliated planets across the universe. The most notable DekaBase is that on Earth, made of the super-strong Anubisium alloy, which is base of operations for Doggie Kruger and his Dekarangers. It can attack with its Base Beam (ベースビーム Bēsu Bīmu).

In 10 Years After, the exterior of DekaBase is now the head of DekaBase Robo but its facilities have moved into the underground.

Other DekaBases

Additional Forms

Special Investigation Maneuver DekaBase Crawler

"Special Investigation Maneuver, DekaBase Crawler!"
―Transformation announcement[src]

DekaBase Crawler (デカベースクローラー Deka Bēsu Kurōrā) is the DekaBase's rover vehicle form with the command "Special Investigation Maneuver, DekaBase Crawler!" (特捜起動、デカベースクローラー! Tokusō Kidō, Deka Bēsu Kurōrā!). It has mobility (the top half of the base becomes the front half of the rover, and Crawler Beam (クローラービーム Kurōrā Bīmu) cannons come out of the back half).

Super Giant Maneuver DekaBase Robo

"Super Giant Maneuver, DekaBase Robo!"
―Transformation announcement[src]

DekaBase Robo (デカベースロボ Deka Bēsu Robo) is the DekaBase's giant robot form with the command "Super Giant Maneuver, DekaBase Robo!" (超巨大起動、デカベースロボ! Chō Kyodai Kidō, Deka Bēsu Robo!). The DekaBase Crawler transforms itself into a giant robo (the back half of the rover becomes the legs, with the Crawler Beams as the knees, the front tread wells become the arms, with the back half's side lights as its hands, the dog head becomes the breast, and the front windows become the back, revealing the head), which is twice the size of its fellow mecha. It uses its Finger Missiles (フィンガーミサイル Fingā Misairu) and Knee Brace Beams (ニーブレスビーム Nī Buresu Bīmu) to attack enemies, and then finish them with its Volcanic Buster (ヴォルカニック・バスター Vorukanikku Basutā) attack (the younger Browgul could withstand this attack, however). In the finale, Rainian Agent Abrella hijacks the DekaBase Robo as part of his plan to eliminate the Special Police main force, but Ban was able to activate the secondary control system allowing the Dekaranger to reclaim the DekaBase Robo and shut it down.

When the DekaMachines are docked inside it (Pat Striker/PatWing 1: central; Pat Gryo/PatWing 2: rear right; Pat Trailer/PatWing 3: rear left; Pat Armor/PatWing 4: front left; Pat Signer/PatWing 5: front right), the DekaBase Robo can achieve 200% of its normal power output.

Behind the scenes


DekaBase Robo is portrayed by suit actor Hirofumi Fukuzawa (福沢 博文 Fukuzawa Hirofumi).

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