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This article is about a/an mecha/base in Tokusou Sentai Dekaranger.
  • Dekamachine Patstriker
  • Dekamachine Patgyrer
  • Dekamachine Pattrailer
  • Dekamachine Patarmor
  • Dekamachine Patsigner
  • DekaBike
  • Patwing 1
  • Patwing 2
  • Patwing 3
  • Patwing 4
  • Patwing 5
Pilot/Summoner: DekaMaster
Sentai Show: Tokusou Sentai Dekaranger
Length: 42 m
Width: 35 m
Height: 68 m
Weight: 12,000 t
Speed: 0 km/h

The DekaBase is the primary headquarters for the SPD Earth Branch, made of the super-strong Anubisium alloy, and base of operations for Doggie Kruger. In its first form, it can attack with its Base Beam. But it can transform into a rover vehicle, DekaBase Crawler, and a giant robot, the DekaBase Robo.

Deka base new

DekaBase in Dekaranger 10 Years After.

In 10 Years After, the exterior of DekaBase is now the head of DekaBase Robo but its facilities have moved into the underground.

Space Prosecutor Office Deka Base

DekaBase as Space Prosecutor's Office.

There's another version of DekaBase which features the Space Prosecutor's Office and the galaxy's highest court, which located at the remote planet Gowashichoruo. The flow of time of this said planet is the Sion Morse phenomena, which speeds time up by a factor of 2 million. This is where the Judgement on the Alienizers happens. Through the Sion Morse phenomena, the 10 seconds of Judgement Time using the SP License can take about 8 months. They have trial and give permission to delete guily criminals such as Alienizers.    Its suit actor was Hirofumi_Fukuzawa.

Tokusou Kidou DekaBase Crawler

"Tokusou Maneuver, DekaBase Crawler!"

With the command "Special Investigation Maneuver, DekaBase Crawler!" (Tokusō Kidou, DekaBase Crawler), the DekaBase can transform into a rover vehicle for mobility (the top half of the base becomes the front half of the rover, and Crawler Beam cannons come out of the back half)

Chokyodai Kidou DekaBase Robo

"Super Giant Maneuver, DekaBase Robo!"

With the command "Super Giant Maneuver, DekaBase Robo!" (Choukyodai Kidou, DekaBase Robo), the DekaBase Crawler can further transform itself into a giant robo (the back half of the rover becomes the legs, with the Crawler Beams as the knees, the front tread wells become the arms, with the back half's side lights as its hands, the dog head becomes the breast, and the front windows become the back, revealing the head), which is twice the size of its fellow mecha. It uses its Finger Missiles and Knee Brace Beams to attack enemies, and then finish them with its Volcanic Buster attack (the younger Browgul could withstand this attack, however). In the finale, Rainian Agent Abrella hijacks the DekaBase Robo as part of his plan to eliminate the Special Police main force, but Ban was able to activate the secondary control system allowing the Dekaranger to reclaim the DekaBase Robo and shut it down.

When the DekaMachines are docked inside it (PatStriker/PatWing 1: central; PatGryer/PatWing 2: rear right; Patrailer/PatWing 3: rear left; PatArmor/PatWing 4: front left; PatSigner/PatWing 5: front right), the DekaBase Robo can achieve 200% of its normal power output.

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