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Decibat is a bat and/or cicada-themed monster that has the ability to emit a shrieking soundwave from the speakers on his shoulders. Before being used with Trakeena's army, he was seen walking around outside, in the background, on Onyx in "Heir to the Throne". He was also seen at the auction for the Pink Quasar Saber in "Protect the Quasar Saber".


He was seemingly recruited by Villamax and/or Kegler, before being ordered by Trakeena to attack Terra Venture. In his first attack Damon destroyed one of his subwoofers and he retreated, but Kegler repaired it and made him even louder when he returned. He shattered the glass in buildings and made towers rumble. Baxter, GSA's recently appointed chief mechanic built a Ultrasonic Transmitter (from a blueprint he'd stolen from Damon Henderson) and attempted to send an similar soundwave into Decibat's back, canceling out his waves.

However, Decibat returned fire with his own sonic blasts. Following help from Damon, Baxter fired again and Decibat's speakers became shattered. With Decibat powerless, the Rangers used the Lights of Orion Power-Up Mode to destroy him.


  • Unlike his counterpart, he wasn't destroyed by the Galaxy Megazord.
  • He is the last monster to be used by Trakeena.

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