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This article is about a/an episode in Power Rangers Time Force.

Dawn of Destiny is the twenty-eighth episode of Power Rangers Time Force.


Out of serum, Ransik raids Bio-Lab to steal their supply. He succeeds, and injures Mr. Collins during the break-in. Frax, who is on the run from Ransik, works on building his own giant sized robot. After fending off Ransik's forces, the Rangers are approached by Alex, who tells them that their actions are changing the future.


At the Clock Tower, the Rangers fool around with a Polaroid camera. He is stopped dead in his tracks by Mr. Collins and Eric, who make him put the container back. Ransik agonizes over what to do to stave off his now seemingly inevitable death, due to the destruction of his serum in the previous episode. Nadira informs him that Bio-Lab now has a supply of the serum. As Frax hides out, he builds himself a powerful robot. Ransik and a mutant, Severax, storm Bio-Lab with a team of Cyclobots. Ransik makes it to the lab just as his mutation kicks in. He grabs the container from the freezer and drinks a vial to recover. Mr. Collins stands up to Ransik, telling him he wishes he had flushed the serum down the drain. He also tells him how proud his of his son for choosing his own destiny. Ransik blasts Collins, and fries him. As Ransik escapes with the serum, Eric morphs and intercepts him. Ransik knocks Eric out, making him drop out of morph. Severax and the Cyclobots lay waste to Bio-Lab. The Rangers finally show up, and begin trashing the Cyclobots. Severax turns into a giant and begins shooting down at the Rangers. As the Zords travel to the Rangers, the mystery man suits up and heads out. Collins is wheeled to the emergency room, with Eric by his side. Severax is shrunken down to size with the Shadow Force Megazord. The Rangers celebrate, but worry about how their actions are affecting the future. At that moment, the mysterious man arrives, telling them that the future has already changed and he is there to change it back. To the Rangers, particularly Jen's shock, the man removes his sunglasses to reveal himself to be Alex, Jen's supposedly-dead fiancé and the original Red Ranger.



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  • The Rangers mysterious ally from the future is finally identified as Alex, the original Red Ranger and Jen's fiancé who supposedly died in "Force From The Future". His survival is never explained.

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