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Dash was once a friendly racing rival of Lucas Kendall until his reckless driving hurt people and landed him in the Cryo-Prison. He was then later let free by Ransik was told to destroy the Rangers (his target was Lucas). He has both a mutant form and a human form. He would challenge Lucas to one last race. After Dash thought twice about his behaviour when Lucas pointed out he almost hurt people again, Nadira couldn't accept her driver's change of heart, so she zapped him, and gave him armor that also controls his actions. After he gets defeated, Nadira blasts off his DNA badge and Dash grows causing the Rangers to call in the Time Force Megazord Mode Red. After a quick battle, Lucas fires a blast from the Time Force Megazord Saber and destroys the controlling armor. Dash quickly regains control and tells Lucas he's ready to pay for what he's done and asks his old friend to be the one to arrest him. Proud of Dash, Lucas fulfils his wish with the Time Strike, and believes that someday Dash will be free again, but this time changed for the better. A flashfoward shows Dash free once more and a winning racer again.

Mutant Seal Patch Location: Upper Left Thigh.


  • In the Power Rangers S.P.D. episode "Shadow" Pt. 2, Dash's head was recycled where it was used as part of the body of a generic alien who was a customer at Piggy's restaurant.


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