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This article is about a/an villain in Power Rangers in Space, the last installment in the Zordon Era.

Darkliptor in his first appearance.

"I was bad before, but I'm TWICE as bad now!!"
―Darkliptor introducing himself[src]

Darkliptor is the evil entity that results from the forced fusion of Darkonda and Ecliptor. In this form, Darkonda's mind is always dominant over Ecliptor's. However, Ecliptor can force them apart.

Darkliptor appears in two episodes: "T.J.'s Identity Crisis" and "Astronema Thinks Twice".

In the first, Darkonda forces Ecliptor to merge with him, and then battles the Rangers in his Darkliptor form. Upon being overwhelmed and defeated, Darkliptor is forced back into the two villains, with Ecliptor taking the brunt of the damage.

In "Astronema Thinks Twice", Darkonda again forces Ecliptor to merge with him, but this time Ecliptor manages to force them apart, much to Darkonda's surprise and anger.

Powers and abilities

Darkliptor in combat would wield two swords Darkonda's sword and Ecliptor's sword. Darkliptor power is combination of both Ecliptor's and Darkonda's.


  • Darkliptor's body was later recycled and repainted for the Mut-Org Rofang.

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