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The Dark Troll is (as his name suggests) a massive troll-like monster who appears in the first part of the two-part pilot episode of Power Rangers Mystic Force "Broken Spell", he is the first monster to be fought by the Mystic Force Power Rangers.

Character History

This troll-like monster first attacked a village in the forest. He then returned when Udonna and the teens showed up with some Hidiacs to aid him in battle. Since the teens had left their wands back at Root Core, Udonna took on this beast as the White Mystic Ranger. With her Snow Staff, the White Ranger was able to freeze and destroy the Dark Troll.Broken Spell, Part 1

Another Dark Troll was summoned by Koragg, and given the Rangers' Titan Megazord powers to upgrade himself and become the Rock Troll but he is destroyed by Nick and Catastros when they form Centaurus Phoenix Megazord.Legendary Catastros

The spirit of a Dark Troll was later summon by Imperious and fused with the souls of other monsters that Leanbow had defeated to create the final and strongest monster known as the Chimera, where it had the Dark Troll's left arm with claws on it.Heir Apparent


The Dark Troll was a mindless monster that only speaks in grunts and growls, tho the Dark Troll that that was summoned by Koragg can talk, he was shown to not be very bright.

Powers and Abilities

  • Strength: The Dark Troll had a great deal of strength due to his massive size.
  • Reflecting: The Dark Troll can reflect a projectile base attack with his own fist.
  • Lighting Vision: The Dark Troll can fire red-es, orange lighting beams from his eyes.


  • Fists: While lacking weapons, the Dark Troll has huge fists to crush his enemies with.

Behind the Scenes


  • The Dark Troll is voiced by an unknown actor.


  • The Dark Troll is the first and only monster to be fought by the White Mystic Ranger.
  • The Dark Troll is the first monster that is already a giant.
  • It is unknown if the Dark Troll is one of Morticon's monsters, or just a monster wondering around.
  • The Dark Troll is the first and only monster in Power Rangers Mystic Force to have two forms.

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