This article is about a/an changer in Uchu Sentai Kyuranger.

Dark Seiza Blaster (ダークセイザブラスター Dāku Seiza Burasutā, lit. Dark Constellation Blaster) is a purple/dark color variant of Transformation Controller Seiza Blaster used by a brainwashed Naga Ray. It has full access on using Dark and Black Hole Kyutamas[1]


"(Kyutama name) Kyutama!"
―Change Kyutama/Skill Kyutama insertion announcement[src]

"Dark change!"
―Transformation standby announcement[src]

Like the original Seiza Blaster, a brainwashed Kyuranger inserts a Kyutama, making the Changer announce the name of the Kyutama, then pushes it forward, towards the nozzle; then they flip the grip down, but unlike the original they shout Dark Change (ダークチェンジ Dāku chenji) instead of Star Change, then pull the trigger of the blaster to transform.

Special Attack

"Dark Attack!"
―Attack stand by announcement[src]

To attack, a brainwashed Kyuranger grips the Kyutama and pulls it backward like a joystick.


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Finishing Strike

"Dark Galaxy!"
―Finisher stand by announcement[src]

To activate a finishing strike, a brainwashed Kyuranger grips the Kyutama and pulls it backward like a joystick two times like the original.

Controller Mode

"Dark Control!"
―Controller stand by announcement[src]

After summoning the brainwashed Kyuranger's respective Voyager, they then pull the black trigger to control the Voyager from the blaster by shifting the Kyutama in the required direction like in the original.