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"That star came to me, so I could protect it from evil like you."
―Dane vowing to keep the Ninja Nexus Star from Galvanax before breaking it.[src]

Master Dane Romero is Aiden and Brody's widowed father, as well as the original Ninja Steel Red, independent of the others who would eventually be Ninja Rangers. He was recognized by Galvanax's men as a "Power Ranger." Ten years later, after destroying the Red Ninja Power Star by Brody, Dane came back and became one of the two additional Ninja Steel Red RangersGalvanax Rise.

Character History

In his high school years in Summer Cove High School, Dane earned a Summer Cove High championship trophy. This trophy would be displayed for many years to come in the school's trophy display case.

20 years later after he graduated from Summer Cove High School, he fathered two sons, Aiden and Brody. He trained them in the ways of the Ninja, as well as their signature Romero family song. A decade ago, the Ninja Nexus Prism landed in Dane's yard. As the Prism was encased in Ninja Steel, Dane stripped it and kept the peeled steel. He was somehow able to reach into the Ninja Nexus Prism's hard exterior and take the Ninja Nexus Star. He believed he was chosen by the Ninja Nexus Prism to be its guardian.

Galvanax, Ripcon and Madame Odius attacked his youngest son (Brody) in hopes of getting the Prism. He tasked Aiden to hide until his return, giving him the tin with the Ninja Steel in it. Dane fought Galavanax, where he inadvertently morphed for the first time because of the Ninja Nexus Star. Armed with a Ninja Star Blade, he did great damage to the monster. However Ripcon took Brody hostage, distracting him long enough for Galvanax to blast him out of his ranger form and take the Star. As Galvanax was absorbing the Star's power, Dane picked up his sword and struck the star to stop Galvanax from taking its power, splitting it into six separate shards and releasing a blowback of energy. As the dust settled Dane had disappeared and the Ninja Nexus Prism was in his place. Return of the Prism

Ten years later in the present, Dane returned during the final battle with Galvanax when Brody split the Red Ninja Power Star into three pieces. Emerging from the Ninja Nexus Prism, he revealed that he was severely injured from the blast due to splitting the Ninja Nexus Star, and that the Prism managed to capture his spirit, then healed and protected him until that day. Galvanax Rises

Dane later returns to normal life while putting his trophy which was once containing the Ninja Steels back to school, then bidding his two sons a good luck for their school days before departing back home. Echoes of Evil


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Powers and Abilities


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Ninja Steel Red


Ninja Steel Red

When Dane was attacked, the Ninja Nexus Star activated and morphed him into Ninja Steel Red. Unlike the other Rangers, he seems to emanate white, blue, pink, gold and yellow colored dust likely from his exposure to the Ninja Nexus Star.


Appearances: Ninja Steel Episode 1


Ninja Steel Red (additional)

When Brody split his Red Ninja Power Star into three pieces, the Ninja Nexus Prism took the shards and reformed each piece into a separate Red Ninja Power Star. Dane, whose spirit was within the Prism, was transformed by one of these Power Stars into a version of the Red Ninja Steel Ranger with a golden sash.

Unlike his original transformation a decade prior, Dane does not wield a Ninja Star Blade this time, wielding his own blade instead.


Appearances: Ninja Steel Episode 20

Behind the Scenes



  • Coincidentally, Dane's transformation into the Red Ranger ten years prior to the series echoes the temporal displacement of AkaNinger in episode 8 of Ninninger, who traveled back in time a decade before his first transformation.
  • Dane having a gold sash as an additional Red Ranger could be a reference to his eldest son being a Gold Ranger.


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