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This article is about a/an song in Dai Sentai Goggle V.
  • Lyricist = Hotomi Kougo 
  • Composer / Arranger = Kazato Shinsuke 
  • Singer = MOJO

Romanized Lyrics

Original Japanese lyrics Approximate translation into English

Itsu ka naru n' da Naru n' da ze
Goggle Five ni naru n' da ze
Buresuretto de sugata kaete
Chikyuu no tame ni tatakau ze
Oo Goggle Red
Googuru Jetto de tobidase
Oo Goggle Black
Googuru Shiizaa mamoru n' da
Inochi wa itsu demo minna no tame sa
Nagedasu kakugo no Goggle Five

Ore mo naru n' da Kimi mo nare
Googuru faibu wa akogare sa
Aku wa itsu demo yatte kuru zo
Seigi no tame ni tatakau ze
Oo Goggle Blue
Googuru Tanku de tatakae
Oo Goggle Yellow
Googuru Danpu de semete yuke
Kokoro wa itsu demo tada hitotsu sa
Kawaranu nakama wa Goggle Five

Oo Goggle Pink
Googuru Shiizaa Saa yuke
Oo Goggle Five
Sorotte minna kyou mo yuku
Te to te wo itsu demo toriaou ze
Hatenai nozomi wa Goggle Five

Everyday all of you will become stronger
With their bracelets
They change into the goggle five
For the sake of the earth they fight
Oh Goggle Red
Goggle Jet Fly
With your Goggle Jet Fly
Oh Goggle Black
Protect everyone Google Caesar
For the sake of life everywhere
Be prepared to sacrifice Google Five

Along with you and I
With the aspirations of the Google Five
Whenever evil comes around
They will continue to fight for justice
Oh Goggle Blue
Fight with the Google Tank
Oh Goggle Yellow
Attack with your Goggle Dump
Whenever five hearts become one
These friends transform into Google Five

Oh Goggle Pink
Go now Google Cesar
Oh Goggle Five
Hand ind hand they head toward the tomorrow
Within their clasped hands of the Goggle V, they hold a hope that will never die

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