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This article is about a/an villain in Ninja Sentai Kakuranger.

Daimaou (大魔王 Daimaō, lit. "Great Demon King") is a 1,200-year old Youkai who is the true leader of Youkai Army Corps.


Millennia ago, Daimaou attacked the humans with his Youkai minions before three holy men, the original forms of the Three God Generals, developed the Shinobi spell that trapped Daimaou in the Demon-Seal Gate, with the Youkai turning to Nurarihyon prior to suffering the same fate years later. In the present, Daimaou has his son Gashadokuro set up preparation for his coming into the human world by fifteen children's souls to begin the ritual which would last a whole month.

However, though he was revived by his son, Daimaou intentionally sacrificed him for his own plan. His base of operations was a giant flying Skeleton Castle with wing-like ears. He later declared the Time of Darkness, creating Daradara to aid him to drown the world in darkness before Daradara was destroyed.

After his brother and sister were killed, Daimaou was the only Youkai left to deal with the Kakurangers. However, Daimaou, being the embodiment of all evil, couldn't be destroyed lest his influence would spread worldwide. In the finale, when he grew giant, the Three God Generals and Ninjaman used their powers to shrink him, allowing the Kakurangers to seal him back into the cave where the other Youkai were entombed.



concept art

Behind the Scenes

Daimaou's motif is the one of a Nurarihyon, a creature usually depicted as an old man with a gourd-shaped head and wearing a kesa. A Nurarihyon sometimes said to be leader of the Yōkai.

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