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This article is about a/an Sentient Mecha in Gosei Sentai Dairanger.
MMPR Serpen 30SS
Number: none assigned
Pilot: n/a
Sentai: Gosei Sentai Dairanger
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Length: 500 m
Width: m
Height: 345 m
Weight: 50 tons
Speed: Mach 30

Daijinryuu (大神龍 Daijinryū?, Great God Dragon) is a giant dragon who was created by the universe to preserve the natural balance of the cosmos. According to Kameo, the reason for his appearance is to stop the human race's foolish conflict by destroying the Earth. Because of this neutral standpoint, he will kill anyone, innocent or guilty, if he deems them a threat to the universal balance.

First appearing during the Dairanger's battle with Great Famous Pachinko Player, Daijinryu destroyed most of Tokyo before moving on to attack other cities across the world, including the Gorma Palace. Returning to Tokyo when the Dairangers and Pachinko Player resumed their battle, Daijinryuu crushed the Gorma warrior beneath his foot before blasting DairenOh apart. As Kameo transformed into Daimugen and took RyuseiOh into his shell to protect him, Daijinryuu attempted to crush him underfoot as well, but relented after Kaku Doushi and and the Gorma Emperor negotiated a ceasefire, leading him to return to space.

A short while later, Daijinryuu returned to Earth after sensing the immense power of Akomaru's demon bodyguard Ikazuchi. Deciding to eliminate the root cause of the conflict, Daijinryuu enchanted the citizens of Tokyo to jump off the edge of buildings to their deaths, requiring Master Kaku to use his Kiryoku to save them. Satisfied that his point had been made, Daijinryuu left and Kaku decided to disband the Dairangers rather than risk another confrontation.

After realizing that the Gorma were to blame for the upset of balance, he goes to destroy the Gorma palace. To restore the balance and change Daijinryuu's mind, the Lai-Lai Jewels and the Great Earth Shaking Jewel were scattered.


  • There was a humanoid form of Daijinryuu in its early sketches.


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