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This article is about a/an Sentient Mecha in Gosei Sentai Dairanger.
MMPR Serpen 30SS
Number: none assigned
Pilot: n/a
Sentai: Gosei Sentai Dairanger
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Length: 500 m
Width: m
Height: 345 m
Weight: 50 tons
Speed: Mach 30

Daijinryuu (大神龍 Daijinryū?, Great God Dragon) is a neutral entity who was created by the universe itself to preserve the natural balance of the world. He appears when battles between the Dairangers and Gorma threaten that balance. According to Kameo, the reason of his first appearance is to destroy the Earth and return everything to nothingness to bring a balance to this world and to stop the human race's foolish conflict. Because of this neutral standpoint, he will kill people, innocent or guilty, if it means keeping the power of the cosmos in balance. During his first appearance, Daijinryuu destroyed a chunk of Tokyo and attacked the Gorma Palace as a warning to the Gorma and the Dairangers.

The Gorma fall back, but only for a little while, causing Daijinryuu to return. Daijinryuu then casts a spell to make civilians bow to it on the top of tall buildings, then jump off of them. After realizing that the Gorma were to blame for the upset of balance, he goes to destroy the Gorma palace. To restore the balance and change Daijinryuu's mind, the Lai-Lai Jewels and the Great Earth Shaking Jewel were scattered.


  • There was a humanoid form of Daijinryuu in its early sketches.


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