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Dai Sentai Goggle V: The Movie was released at the Toei Manga Matsuri film festival on March 13, 1982.


Goggle V must prevent Deathdark from using their new laser weapon to destroy Tokyo.


Goggle V

GoggleRed Kenichi Akama
GoggleBlack Kanpei Kuroda
GoggleBlue Saburou Aoyama
GoggleYellow Futoshi Kijima
GogglePink Miki Momozono


Dark Science Empire Deathdark


Guest Cast


  • This movie must take place after episode 6, due to General Deathgiller being known by the team and doing operations alongside other Deathdark generals; he did not appear prior to that episode during the missions. However it also must occur before episode 14, due to Deathtopia leaving for Antarctica to pick up Deathmark at the end of that episode.

Digital Releases

Super Sentai The Movie Vol 2

Super Sentai: The Movie Volume 2 DVD cover.

Super Sentai The Movie Blu Ray Volume 1

Super Sentai: The Movie Volume 1 Blu Ray Cover.

Super Sentai The Movie Blu Ray Box Set


  • Dai Sentai Goggle V: The Movie is included on Super Sentai: The Movie Blu-ray Box 1976-1995, a blu-ray compilation box set of 15 theatrical Super Sentai movies.[2]