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"DJ Drummond on the airwaves!"
―DJ Drumond after being summoned.[src]
"You can't stop the beat!"
―Final words before his death.

DJ Drummond is one of Lothor's Alien monsters and the primary villain of the episode "Good Will Hunter", his theme is a mix of electricity, a radio, and a rain maker's drum.

Character History

This drum-like monster was accidentally summon by a young boy name Charlie when he connected the P. A. M into a radio, he first fought against the Thunder Rangers and easy defeated them, the Wind Rangers came to help, but they too were out match, he vanished right before he could finish them off, after Marah and Kapri manages to retrieve Lothor's P.A.M. they started to argue and then they released him again, he fought against the Green Ranger and had the upper hand untill the Thunder Rangers came, he summons an army of Kelzaks to add him, but they got interrupted by the Wind rangers, he is finale destroyed by the Thunder Rangers Thunder Blaster. he grows large and was easily defeated both the Thunder Megazord and the Storm Megazord until the Samurai Star Chopper came to the rescue and gave the Thunder Megazord the Power Sphere #11, the Sting Blaster to finish off DJ Drummond for good. Good Will Hunter

He later retuned in the final battle after Lothor opened the Abyss of Evil. Storm Before the Calm


DJ Drummond personality is similar to that of a real Rock Star, he loves to play with his drums and causing trouble in the city.

Power's and ability's

  • Strength: DJ Drummond is one of the stronger monsters, powerful enough to best all five Ninja Storm Rangers in battle.
  • Lighting Beams: DJ Drummond can fire yellow lighting beams from the antenna on the top front part of his forehead.
  • Lighting Blast: DJ Drummond can also fire a wide spread of yellow lighting from around himself.


  • Drum and Drum Sticks: True to his name, DJ Drummond carry's a drum in the front of his stomach area with a pair of drum sticks where he can fire yellow lighting beams from it as well.
  • Sword: DJ Drummond is also equipped with large sword that aids him in combat.
    • Lighting Blast: By charging up energy, he can fire a burst of lighting from his sword.


  • DJ Drummond is the second and finale monster of the season to be summon by someone else other then the Evil Space Ninjas, the first being Terramole.

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