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This article is about a/an monster in Power Rangers Lightspeed Rescue.

This article concerns the Cyclopter seen in Lightspeed Rescue, for the Cyclopter seen in Masked Rider, see CyclopterIcon-crosswiki
"Isn't there anyone here worthy of challenging the mighty Cyclopter!?"

Cyclopter is a cyclops demon.

Cyclopter beats the rangers at hand to hand combat and Chad's former mentor successfully beats the monster. Cyclopter pays the sensei a visit and begs to be trained, vowing that he has turned good. The sensei foolishly accepts so as to spite Chad. When Cyclopter finds out that the training is complete, he takes out the old man and takes off for a rematch with the Rangers. He is destroyed by the Omega Megazord.The Chosen Path

Cyclopter was seen in the Shadow World. He was encountered by Olympius and the Rangers in the Shadow World, before being destroyed again and absorbed by Olympius, so the later could escape from the Shadow World.Olympius Unbound

Cyclopter was seen in the Shadow World when Queen Bansheera opened the sarcophagus that was a portal to the Shadow World.The Fate of Lightspeed

In 2025, an alien identical to Cyclopter was at Piggy's restaurant at the time when General Valko was hunting S.O.P.H.I.E..Wired

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