This article is about a/an robot replacement Ranger team in Power Rangers Lightspeed Rescue.

The Cyborg Rangers were a team of robots created to "replace" the Lightspeed Rangers.


When the Lightspeed Rangers reported to the Aquabase after facing a demon named Striking, General McKnight informed them that the Cyborg Rangers were their replacements. The cyborgs fought Striking and were about to finish him off when he threw a lightning attack that caused the Cyborg Rangers to malfunction and go on a rampage. The original Rangers had to use their blasters to destroy the cyborgs. Cyborg Rangers

Cyborg Rangers

1 Red Cyborg Ranger
2 Blue Cyborg Ranger
3 Green Cyborg Ranger
4 Yellow Cyborg Ranger
5 Pink Cyborg Ranger

Powers and ability's

  • Super Strength: The Cyborg Rangers are incredibly strong, powerful enought to overpowerd Strikning with ease.
  • Platinum alloy skin: The Cyborg Rangers are well armerd and can take alot of punishments.
  • Night vision: The Cyborg Rangers can see in the night.
  • Heat-sensitive targeting: They can target the enemys throught heat seeking.
  • Chest Blast: Only seen with the Pink Ranger, it can fire an orange colored energy ball from its chest.
  • Speech: Only seen with the Red Cyborg Ranger.


  • Rescue Blasters: The Cyborg Rangers are armed with blasters for long range attacks.



  • The Cyborg Rangers are, to date, the only evil rangers to be built by non evil forces, but malfunctioned (the A-Squad do not count as they chose to be evil).
  • The Cyborg Rangers resemble the Lightspeed rangers, but their boots, gloves and belts are black.
  • Despite their name, the Cyborg Rangers were robots controlled by a special device.
  • The idea to replace a team with another commissioned by a higher up official is similar to Choujin Sentai Jetman, in the form of the Neo-Jetmen. The key difference is, the Neo Jetmen never turned evil, and could be considered allies to the team.

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