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This article is about a/an mecha in Doubutsu Sentai Zyuohger.

"Cu~be Wha~le~!"
―Summoning announcement[src]

Cube Whale (キューブホエール Kyūbu Hoēru?) is the red Zyuoh Cube of Zyuoh Whale, which is known as The Legendary Megabeast (伝説の巨獣 Densetsu no Kyojū?), modeled after a sperm whale. which can transformation into the robot form named Dodekai-Oh and it also can combination with nine Zyuoh Cubes and main four auxiliary Zyuoh Cube into the combined form named Wild Tousai Dodeka King. It forms the upper body and head of Wild Tousai Dodeka King.


DSZ-Cube 10

Zyuoh Cube

Armed with a pair of Torpedo Cannons, Cube Whale is able to travel either underwater or through the sky while its massive size enables it to smash through enemies or deliver a tail slap powerful enough to break apart ZyuohWild Special. It also possesss innate sacred abilities, being able to purify a wide expanse of coastline that had been contaminated by Bangray's poison.

Appearances: Zyuohger Episode 28, 30-35


Long ago, when the Zyumen first appeared on Earth and before their emigration to Zyuland, a fearsome monster attacked the Earth. When a lone Whale Zyuman named Cetus chose to stand against it, the Earth bestowed upon him the Whale Change Gun along with Cube Whale, allowing Cetus to become Zyuoh Whale, the first Zyuohger. Centuries later, Cube Whale resurfaced when the modern day Zyuohgers found the Whale Change Gun but when approached by them reacted with hostility, considering them a group of upstarts who felt entitled to his help simply because they had found Cetus' weapon. It was only until after Yamato understood the bond that Cube Whale shared with Cetus and seeing that the Zyuohgers truly shared Cetus's desire to protect the world and all forms of life in did it finally accept them as its comrades.

Doubutsu Henkei Dodekai-Oh

"Animal Transformation!"
―Zyuoh Whale's combination code[src]

―Combination announcement for Dodekai-Oh[src]

"Complete, Dodekai-Oh!"
―Zyuoh Whale announcing the complete transformation[src]

Ocean King Spear

Kai-Oh Spear

Doubutsu Henkei Dodekai-Oh (動物変形ドデカイオー Dōbutsu Henkei Dodekai Ō?, Animal Transformation Gargantuan King) is the  robot form of Cube Whale. Dodekai-Oh is armed with the Kai-Oh Spear (カイオースピア Kaiō Supia?, Ocean King Spear), which manifests from the waterspout of Cube Whale's blowhole and top of the spear form the crown of Wild Tousai Dodekai King and can be shrunk to human size to be wielded by Zyuoh Eagle. Ep. 31: When the Megabeast Stands Its finisher is the Dodekai Ocean Splash (ドデカイオーシャンスプラッシュ Dodekai Ōshan Supurasshu?) where the Kai-Oh Spear transforms into gun mode and fires six multiple shots shaped like its spear blade.

Appearances: Zyuohger Episode 31-33

Additional Formations

Doubutsu Dai Gattai Wild Tousai Dodeka King

"1! 2! 3! 4! 5! 6! 7! 8! 9! 10! Wild Tousai Dodeka Kin~g~!"
―Combination announcement for Wild Tousai Dodeka King[src]

Doubutsu Dai Gattai Wild Tousai Dodeka King (動物大合体ワイルドトウサイドデカキング Dōbutsu Dai Gattai Wairudo Tōsai Dodeka Kingu?, Great Animal Combination Wild Load Gargantuan King) is the combined form of the Ten Zyuoh Cubes and the main four auxiliary Zyuoh Cubes. Wild Tousai Dodeka King is armed with the Kirin Bazooka (キリンバズーカ Kirin Bazūka?) on its right arm and the Mogura Drill (モグラドリル Mogura Doriru?) on its left arm.

Apperances: Zyuohger Episodes 35


DSZ Whale combo foreshadowing
  • In one of the Zyuohgers attempts to find a way to make Wild Tousai King, one of their attempts bears a slight semblance to Wild Tousai Dodeka King in the positioning of the numbered cubes next to Cube Rhinos.
  • Cube Whale is similar to the Ancient Engines from Go-Onger.
    • They're the final set of Mecha in the season.
    • They're the first Mecha to appear, from ancient times, but have the last numbers.
    • Piloted by the Red Rangers of the season.
    • Attacked the other Mecha before running away.
    • Red Ranger gained their trust and became their ally.
  • Wild Tousai Dodekai King is the only Zyuohger Robo not to use the Big Wild Cannon and/or Big King Sword.



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