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Crustaceo is a rinshi who holds the spirit of a hermit crab. Jellica brought Crustaceo, an old warrior of hers to drill a hole in the ocean, which creates a tornado-like whirlpool. He holds the spirit of a Hermit crab. Master Finn knocked him out of his own whirlpool. After confronting Casey and fighting the three, he grows giant and combats the Jungle Pride. Crustaceo also has the ability to take over people's bodies. Finn tells them to activate the Shark but it bites them. The Rangers knock him out of the zord and he retreats. In a third battle, Casey defeats Crustaceo with the Jungle Sabers. Crustaceo becomes giant again and dives in the water, luring the Jungle Pride with Shark Power to a underwater battle where they butt heads literally. Crustaceo was eventually destroyed by the Rangers.

Powers and Abilities

Hermit Crab Spirit

  • Spiral Shell Spin
    • Spiraling Great Shell Spin
  • Water Bullet
  • Base-Form Robbing Strike: the latter of which allows Crustaceo to possess another person with just a single kiss, entering the victim's body through the mouth and controlling his/her actions from within. Casey, however, is able to force him out.

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