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Cruiser (クルーザ Kurūza) is one of the players from Team Azald.

Character History

Ep. 23: Megabeast Hunter


Cruiser spoke in a formal tone, respectfully addressing both ally and opponent alike. Though harboring immense destructive power, Cruiser was unwilling to face the retaliation for such attacks, making him somewhat of a coward as he would try to run away from intimidating opponents such as Bangray and Wild Tousai King.


  • Medal Slot: Left side of uniform
  • Blood Game: Locking on to various targets and firing a hail of rounds via the Uchima Cluster while causing Mass Chaos & Destruction
  • Genre: Sea Fight Action


  • Uchima Cluster (ウチマクラスター Uchimakurasutā)
A gun turret located on Cruiser's right shoulder which can fire a hail of bullets or smoke bombs.

Powers and Abilities

  • Laser Shoulder
A Hidden discharge port located in Cruiser's left shoulder which allows him to fire a laser bolt.
  • Combo: Aiming Complete & Boom! (照準よーし・ドーン! Shojun Yōshi, Dōn!)
A combo move which Cruiser Locks On to a target & fires a barrage of rounds via the Uchima Cluster

Behind the Scenes



  • Like all Deathgaliens, Cruiser bears a similarity to past sentai villains.

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