This article is about a/an changer in Choujin Sentai Jetman.

Cross Changer (クロスチェンジャー Kurosu Chenjā): The transformation bracelet, worn on the right wrist. They transform by shouting "Cross Changer!" and pressing a bird shaped button called Emblem Formation (エンブレムフォーメーション Enburemu Fomeshon) on the bracelet. In the Philippine Dub instead of saying Cross Changer, they are paraphrasing the transformation as Fivemen and their code-names from their sentai forms in Chikyuu Sentai Fiveman as Jetmen and their code-names from their sentai forms.

Some episodes (for example: the first episode, as well when Gai transformed in the Jetman Tribute Episode ) show the transformation sequence as a screen blinking between projection of the Jetman (or a silhouette of the Jetman Suit) and a silhouette in the respective color, then the screen stops at the silhouette creating an energy grid on the Jetman's body. The Jetman then is surrounded by Birdonic Waves (represented as rings of light), materializing the suit, other times, the transformation effect is skipped by a stock footage of a close-up of Ryu Tendo's Cross Changer glowing (as shown below).

The Cross Changer harmonizes with Birdonic Waves allowing for the transformation; after the Jetman appear to lose their Birdonic Waves to Meteor BEM, the Neo-Jetman discover that using the Cross Changer in conjunction with their Birdonic Generators powering their suits, it would re-empower the Birdonic Waves of the original Jetman and make them immune to the Bio-Dimension Beast's power.Ep. 41: Transformation Impossible! The Base Destroyed

Transformation Sequence (some episodes)