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This article is about a/an villain in Power Rangers Megaforce.
"Maybe I will keep you around long enough to cry over your lost world, but make no mistake. This world will belong to the Insectoids!"
―Creepox talking to the Rangers before their final battle begins[src]

Creepox[1] is one of the seven chief enemies of the Power Rangers Megaforce and a main antagonist of Megaforce during its first arc. He is the mantis-like powerhouse of Warstar and stands out as Malkor's main elite among the Insectoids, ranking as their second-in-command. Among the Insectoids, he holds up his title as "The Mightiest of All Insectoids", although his superior, Malkor, surpasses him in power.


Creepox wants to destroy the Earth and squash humanity underfoot with brutal force. He is also obsessed with taking down the Red Ranger by himself, whom he comes to see as his main rival. He is primarily sent down to Earth to explore it unnoticed. One day he bumped into Troy, the Red Ranger, stating that the two will duel one day.

"Forget Vrak's complicated schemes. This is the path to victory. Strike fast and strike hard!"
―Creepox speaking to Admiral Malkor after summoning Dragonflay[src]

Later, Creepox decided to deal with the Red Ranger personally while his monster Dragonflay deals with the other Rangers. Seeing that the Red Ranger is pretty good, he decided to return to the Warstar Spaceship, just to give the Red Ranger time to improve for another encounter. As a result, he left Dragonflay to his doom, making Creepox's attack a failure. Stranger Ranger

Dereputa Wounded

Creepox as he battles the Mega Rangers without his Insectoid armor

Normal 7-325

Creepox's death on his final one-on-one duel with Troy, his archrival

Later still, Creepox decided to take out all of the Rangers, while still maintaining a grudge against Troy. During this mission, he removed his silver armor and revealed he could attack by blasting powerful Meteor Shots. He proved strong enough to endure most of the Rangers attacks and weapons. He was eventually, and initially, destroyed by Troy. He was enlarged by Vrak, and the Zombats, where he once again wore his silver armor. While enlarged, Creepox could now blast electric attacks from his pincers, in addition to his signature Galaxy Meteor Shots. After being pummeled by Creepox, Gosei gave the Mega Rangers, care of Troy, the ability to form the Ultra Gosei Great Megazord, which destroyed Creepox with its Victory Charge Ultra Mega Strike Who's Crying Now?.

"You may have won this battle, Rangers. But you won't win the war against the Insectoids!"
―Creepox's final words[src]

His death has serious implications to the Insectoids, with Vrak fully taking over the role as second-in-command of Warstar, and, as soon as the Toxic Mutants are found, Malkor wastes no time and sends Vrak to forge an alliance with them, intending to have Bigs and Bluefur as replacements to Creepox. Months after Creepox's demise, Vrak used Creepox as an example of someone who underestimates their opponents to Shadow Serpent, which also further notifies caution to Bigs and Bluefur, which then begin to think more before scheming. Creepox later appeared in the last of Glytcher's visions in Raising Spirits. In Rico the Robot, Creepox, along with Bigs and Bluefur, was mentioned by Admiral Malkor while he conversed with Vrak about the deaths of their fallen comrades.


Creepox is an innate warrior who holds a firm belief about ruling through strength. He is easily angered by even the most trivial matters and openly expresses his discontent to those around him, even towards Malkor and Vrak.

Although utterly loyal to his leader, he is annoyed at how Vrak is favored by Admiral Malkor and has very little patience when it comes to planning and scheming.

He also has a deep-seeded, personal rivalry with Troy. His over-inflated ego also bears a superiority complex towards humans, constantly bragging about the superiority of the Insectoids and belittling the Rangers.

These traits make him the polar opposite of his cohort, partner and rival, Vrak, who sees to things with intelligence and usually keeps his cool even under severe pressure.

Skills and Abilities

  • Meteor Shot: Creepox launches a single meteor in the air and have it to hit his opponents directly in front of him. The orb is extremely hot and cannot be blocked by anything for long.
  • Scattered Energy Bullets: Creepox launches a barrage of small, but fast-moving energy shots and has them swoop down his enemies, obliterating them and the immediate vicinity.
  • Galaxy Meteor Shots: Creepox can muster a large galaxy-like purple orb and fire a massive barrage of energy projectiles to take down his enemies with the might of a raging galaxy.
  • Final Burst: Creepox focuses all of his energy into a single flaming orb that rivals or exceeds any countering technique.
  • Sickle Strike: Creepox emits a sharp, brown-hued blade at his foes and slices them apart on the spot or tosses them away, causing massive and eventually fatal damage.
  • Super Speed: Creepox can move extremely fast for short periods of time, using such short bursts to rapidly trounce and catch an adversary by surprise during battle.
  • Heightened Agility: Creepox is able to move to dodge any attacks while moving at high speeds, allowing him to avert damage through fast collisions.
  • Extreme Resiliency: Creepox's shelled skin is a natural armor to most attacks and provides him ultimate durability, regardless of the circumstances.
  • High Stamina: Creepox can continue to fight for long periods of time without tiring out, which enables him to outlast those against him if overpowering them is not an immediate option.
  • Rage Overflow: Creepox can strengthen himself by angering himself, triggering a brief but astonishing rise in power and skill.


Creepox possesses an extremely tough armored skin that shields his body from most harm and that also provides enough endurance to be used in physical attacks. His main attack weapons are the sickles attached to his forearms. They are extremely sharp and can be kept or become even more sharpened by slicing against one another.

Despite their efficiency in close combat, the main utility of the blades is firing Creepox's signature moves, Meteor Shot and Galaxy Meteor Shot, which possesses immense destructive power and will violently burst as soon as they contact any solid matter. For defense, like Malkor, he sports a metallic armor, characteristic of an elite Insectoid, which enhances the natural endurance of his already tough hide.


Creepox is one of the seven main villains to battle the Mega Rangers and, as such, possesses extraordinary strength. He is among the strongest Insectoids, second only to Malkor. His might also fares fairly well when compared to Bigs and Bluefur.


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