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Contemptra is a Mutant hired by Ransik to mesmerize Lucas, Trip and Wes. She goes under the Human form of Angelique. First she appears as a damsel who cannot get her convertible started and Lucas at the time is valeting cars and helps her start her engine and he kisses her hand then looks at her bracelet which puts him in a love spell and agrees to go on a date, then she disguise herself as a nerdy techno freak and drives her remote control car into Trip while he's washing windows, then Trip looks at her and she makes up that she is crazy about technology into which Trip then glances at the bracelet and he agrees to go on a date but her magic does not work on Wes because he has feelings for Jen but then she hits him with a beam that makes him fall in love then he agrees, later she meets in her date with Lucas, Trip and Wes, who start fighting for her, and with three rangers distracted, Ransik and Nadira attacked the city, leaving only Jen and Katie to protect it, after the battle, Jen and Katie made the guys promise not seeing her again, but Wes broke his promise and secretly went in a walk in the beach, but Lucas and Trip arrived and became furious that Wes broke his promise, and Angelique activated her bracelet, making the guys fight for her, Jen and Katie made her reveal her true form, and destroyed her bracelet, freeing the guys from the love spell, and Jen freezes her with the Shadow Force Megazord in Mode Red.

Mutant Seal Patch Location: Lower Right Arm



  • While used in a similar plot to her Sentai counterpart, the only slight plot difference in Power Rangers Time Force is that due to TimeYellow's (Domon) Time Force counterpart being female instead of male, the Green Time Force Ranger (Trip) was used as the third victim instead.
  • Contemptra's voice is provided by Valerie Vernon, who played Kendrix Morgan in Power Rangers Lost Galaxy.
  • Her name originates from word "contempt".

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