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This article is about a/an monster in Power Rangers Ninja Storm.

Condortron is sent to attack the Rangers, and has the upper hand until the Green Ranger shows up. Condortron is destroyed by the Hurricane Megazord.

Power's and ability's

  • Strength: Condortron is shown to be strong enough to fight both the Storm Megazord and the Thunder Megazord and nearly beat them.
  • Flight: Being a bird type monster, Condortron can fly at high speeds.
  • Speed: Condortron was one of Lothor's fasted monster's.
  • Wing Blades: Condortron has huge sharp blade's on its wings for closes melee attacks.
    • Blade Rush: Condortron can also use it's wing's to launch a huge swam of sharp blades at it's enemy's.

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