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This article is about a/an comparison of characters in the Super Sentai and Power Rangers franchises.

TyrannoRanger/Red Ranger

This page highlights the differences between Yamato Tribe Prince Geki and Jason Lee Scott.

Tyranno Ranger
WF ForeverRed MMPR Jason
Red Ranger


Geki Jason
Originally came from an ancient prehistoric civilization that coexisted with dinosaurs. Was the adopted prince of the Yamato Tribe and leader of the Zyurangers. Was a high school student and peer coach prior to becoming a Ranger (and during).
Volunteered to go in suspended animation millions of years ago, in case Witch Bandora breaks from her imprisonment. Was awoken by Barza when said scenario happened. Was not aware of Rita Repulsa prior to becoming a Ranger. Was drafted by Zordon when Rita escaped her prison.
Was the only Red Ranger and leader of his team. Never shared his power with anyone. Leadership over his team was given to Tommy Oliver, while his Powers were given to Rocky when Jason wanted to join a peace conference.
Was the younger brother of Burai, the Dragon Ranger. Has no family ties to other Rangers in his team. Was friends, and sometimes rivals, with Tommy Oliver.
Permanently took Burai's equipment, since Burai died and passed his equipment over to him. Only temporarily took the Dragon Dagger and the Dragon Shield, as Tommy returned to the team, taking said equipment back.
Had to undertake a dangerous quest to receive his sword RyuGekiken. His sword was given to him by Zordon when the rangers needed new weapons.
Used an unpowered version of his sword during untransformed combat. Never used any weapons when fighting unmorphed, relying more on his martial arts experience.
Only piloted the Guardian Beast Tyrannosaurus. Never used or even encountered RyuseiOh. His Tyrannozord was later upgraded into the Red Dragon Thunderzord.
Only used one set of powers. Never encountered, let alone used Kingranger's powers. Later became the Gold Zeo Ranger
Teamed up with Abarangers & Kyoryuger Never teamed up with Red, Blue, Yellow & White Dino Rangers or Dino Charge Rangers.

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