This article is about a/an comparison of characters in the Super Sentai and Power Rangers franchises.
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AoNinger/Ninja Steel Blue

This page highlights the differences between Yakumo Katou and Preston Tien.

Ninja Steel Blue


Yakumo Preston
Is related to all the Ninningers except Kinji Takigawa. Is not related to Ninja Steel Rangers other than being team comrades.
Has a cool personality but can be quick temper and boneheaded at times. Is kindhearted and loyal to his friends.
Is a adult and was never in high school. Is already a teenager and still in high school. This aspect was used for Levi.
Was taught how to use magic by Tsubasa Ozu. Gains real Magic from the Ninja Steel and was not tutored by Charlie Thorn.
Shishi-Oh knows nothing about magic. Spyclops counterpart did not have this motive as that footage was taken from when Kinji first met the Ninningers. Princess Vierra gave him a book of spells. This also told the rangers that Jess/Spyclops was planing to turn Levi evil.