This article is about a/an comparison of characters in the Super Sentai and Power Rangers franchises.
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This page highlights the differences between Witch Bandora and Rita Repulsa.

Witch Bandora
Rita Repulsa


Bandora Rita
A former queen of the Dahl Tribe in ancient times who sold her soul to Satan for magic powers after her son was killed by dinosaurs An alien witch who had been waging a war with Zordon since ancient times
Was of earthen origin. Was of extraterrestrial origin.
Was originally sealed away for 170 million years Was originally sealed away for 10,000 years
She is very nice, polite, friendly, civilized, good-natured, pleasant, benevolent, good-mannered, kind-hearted and affably villainess. She is very mean, rude, horrid, unfriendly, bad-tempered, unpleasant and bad-mannered villainess.
Spoke with the voice of a kind elderly lady. Spoke with a screeching voice, sounding like a witch.
Had a son named Kai, who looked human. Had a son named Thrax, who looked monstrous.
Compliments and supports her minions and only gets angered towards them after they fail Constantly insults her minions, regardless of whether they fail her or not
Was responsible for the dinosaurs' extinction. Played no part in the extinction of dinosaurs.
Was defeated by losing her magic after crying for the loss of her son as witches aren't allowed to show tears. She and her minions were sealed inside an urn and send into space. Was defeated after being hit by Zordon's energy wave, purging her from evil and turning her into a human.
Redeemed by rediscovering her love for children with the death of her son and the subsequent birth of Lamy's and Grifforzer's baby Redeemed by the energy surge emitted with the death of Zordon
Completely lost her magic after redemption. Is a completely different character than Heavenly Arch Saint Magiel. Became the high-mage of magic as "Mystic Mother" and even helped the Mystic Force Rangers and HyperForce Rangers.
Only appeared in Zyuranger, making no appearances outside of that series. Appeared in almost every episode of all three Mighty Morphin Power Rangers seasons. Also made a few appearances in Zeo, the Turbo movie and In Space.
She never met Empress Hysteria or Beauty Zonnette. She met Queen Machina and Divatox.
Holds no special distinction and left no big impact on the Super Sentai franchise as a whole. Is the first evil leader in Power Rangers. And also one of the most iconic villains of the entire Power Rangers franchise, still being popular many years after her initial appearance on TV.
Did not appear in any extra seasons. Appeared in Power Rangers HyperForce (As the Mystic Mother).