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This article is about a/an comparison of characters in the Super Sentai and Power Rangers franchises.

This page highlights the differences between Wise God Torin and Keeper.

Wise God Torin


Torin Keeper
Is actually a Deboth general who switched sides when he saw the plight of the dinosaurs. Chaos considers him to be his brother because he was created at around the same time. Is not related to Sledge or Lord Arcanon, other than them being enemies.
A creature created by Deboth to be his general for the conquest of earth. An alien who took residence on Earth for 65 million years to flee from Sledge.
Actively tried to stop the extinction of the dinosaurs by leading them into battle against Deboth. Is accidentally responsible for the extinction of the dinosaurs, as his bomb blew up Sledge's ship, releasing the countless of asteroids it was carrying into earth's atmosphere.
Has altered 24 different dinosaurs into Zyudenryu to assist them in defending Earth. Entrusted 10 dinosaurs with Energems for safekeeping from Sledge.
Has still continued on to be the Kyoryugers' mentor. Has gone on a mission to find the last Energem with the help of James Navarro, leaving Kendall Morgan in charge.
Became KyoryuSilver. His apprentice, Zenowing becomes the Silver Ranger.
He planned his death by allowing Dantetsu Kiryu to kill him so he could fight the Deboth Monsters in the underworld. He never teams up with Neo-Geildon or gives him any task. Neither James Navarro (Tyler's Dad) or Doomwing (Evil Silver Ranger) kills him.

After Sledge's ship is thrown into the sun in the past, he entrusted Heckyl and Zenowing to go back in time to stop the Dark Energem from being stolen. He would later travel to the present day along with Koda and Ivan to celebrate Christmas with the rest of the rangers.

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