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This page highlights the differences between Universal Annihilation Army Warstar and Warstar (Megaforce).

Warstar (Goseiger)
Warstar (Megaforce)


Warstar (Goseiger) Warstar (Megaforce)
Attacks Gosei World first before heading to Earth. Directly attacks Earth in order to defeat the native resistance of Earth and herald the arrival of the Armada.
Has never encountered or joined forces with the Yuumajuu nor with the Matrintis Empire. Admiral Malkor, the leader of Warstar, discovered the Toxic Mutants and joined forces with their kind after the death of Creepox and Vrak created the Robots after the deaths of Bigs and Bluefur.
The Warstar Army had been depleted by Epic 16, with the downfall of Dereputa of the Meteor, until Epic on the Movie, with the downfall of Gyōten'ō of the Supernova and Deinbaruto of the Morning Star. The Insectoids had been depleted by Episode 18, when Admiral Malkor, the last surviving Insectoid, was defeated.
The Warstar had all been a part of Brajira's plans for his Earth Salvation Project. Warstar wished to conquer Earth so that the influence of the Insectoids could spread further across the galaxy through Malkor's behalf.
Does not have any relationship with the Space Empire Zangyack. The Insectoids are the main associates of The Armada and the ones Vrak follow.