This article is about a/an comparison of characters in the Super Sentai and Power Rangers franchises.
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Shinken Red/Red Samurai Ranger

This page highlights the differences between Takeru Shiba and Jayden Shiba.

Shinken Red (1)
Red Samurai Ranger (1)


Takeru Jayden
Is full Japanese. Is of Japanese ancestry, but mixed-race.
Is a samurai lord, and 18th head of Shiba House. Head of Shiba House, and 18th Red Ranger leader, but not a lord.
Took over for the real 18th head. Secretly not a true Shiba. Took over for his big sister. Secretly not the eldest, truly eligible Shiba.
Was made into a true Shiba when the 18th head adopts him as a son. Was given his leadership back by his sister.
Had no relation to the 18th Shiba Head Kaoru until she adopts him. Is Lauren's little brother.
Is older than the Princess Shinken Red of the season. Is younger than the female Red Samurai Ranger of the season.
Is now the 19th generation lord of the Shiba Clan. Still considered the 18th Red Ranger leader of the Samurai Rangers.
Had access to 3 battles mode, 4 if his Gedou form is included. Had access to 7 battles modes and used all 7.
Has a dark power up mode. Does not have a dark power up mode.
Reluctant to recruit Genta due to his fear of having been humiliated by his childhood's secrets. Reluctant to recruit Antonio due to not having faith in his strength.
Has a fear of haunted houses, as well as occults. Is arachnophobic.
Did not appear in Kaizoku Sentai Gokaiger during their quest for the Greater Powers. Appeared in Power Rangers Super Megaforce and met Troy, Noah and Jake to give them the double disc, and later actively affected their powers by using Samurai power to give the Rangers Legendary Samurai Megazord from a combination of Legendary Megazord and the Red Lion.