This article is about a/an comparison of characters in the Super Sentai and Power Rangers franchises.
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This page highlights the differences between Shelinda and Trakeena

Steerwoman Shelinda


Shelinda Trakeena
No family relation to any of the other villains. Was the daughter of Scorpius.
She dressed in Light-Colored, Aquatic-Themed Clothes to make it more Nautical and more like a Siren/Undine/Mermaid-Themed Pirate. She dressed in Dark-Colored, Insect-Themed Clothes to make it more like a Praying Mantis.
She wears white, pink, aquamarine and dark blue clothes, with aquamarine Sea shell-themed boots, pink choker, pink sea shell-themed bra, white Sea shell-Themed Hair-band, dark blue cape and dark blue gloves. She wears black, dark blue and dark green clothes, with dark green insect-themed boots and insect-themed headdress.
Never really showed any development in character and skill. Had no personal connection to Sambash, apart from being on the same side. She is already a strong and competent swordswoman. Started as a weak, incompetent and spoiled princess without any real fighting capabilities. Later trained under Villamax, becoming a skilled fighter in the process.
Never assumed leadership over Balban at any point in the series. Assumed leadership over her father's army after he died.
Never had any connection with Biznella, apart from being on the same side, and She will never forcibly fused with him, Because of her sanity is safe and secured. Forcibly fused with Deviot, after the latter dragged both of them into the cocoon. This fusion caused her to become highly ruthless and insane.
Never transformed beyond her human appearance. Used the cocoon to transform into an insect form in the finale.
Had a personal rivalry against Hayate, because he wounded her in one of their battles. Had a personal grudge against Leo Corbett, because Leo killed her father Scorpius.

Received a scar on the left side of her chest from one of the battles with Hayate.

Received a scar from the final battle with Leo Corbett.
Died in battle against Hayate, desperately trying to defeat him, despite being wounded. Was destroyed by the Lightspeed Omega Megazord, powered by the Lights of Orion.
Armed with a sword. First armed with a simple staff, later acquired a different one from Scorpius' remains.
She never framed Sword General Budoh. She was responsible for framing Treacheron.
She never kills Captain Zahab since she is loyal to him. She kills Captain Mutiny.
She did battle against Megarangers. She did battle against Space Rangers.
She never met Shibolena, but she met her younger sister called Hizumina. She met Astronema/Karone.
She never battle against GoGoV. She did battle against Lightspeed Rangers.
Never freed nor allied with Darkness King Gill. Released Triskull who, in turn, swore allegiance to her.
She did not become Infernal Dark Hell Beast. She becomes a monstrous form in the crossover with the Lightspeed Rangers.
Was portrayed by one actress. Was portrayed by two actresses.
Died before Captain Zahab. Scorpius died before her, Destroyed Captain Mutiny's crew, as she didn't want any other group of villains to rival her.