This article is about a/an comparison of characters in the Super Sentai and Power Rangers franchises.
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This page highlights the differences between Special Duty Officer Barizorg and Argus.

Special Duty Officer Barizorg
Still barizorg


Barizorg Argus
Was previously a humanoid alien named Sid Bamick, who served the Zangyack empire. But after he caught betraying one of their orders, he was captured and rebuilt into a robot by Zaien. Was just a robotic alien commander in The Armada.
Is completely stripped of his original human personality, only giving short answers when spoken to. Due to not being a mindless cyborg, Argus has his own personality which he keeps throughout the series.

Is also more talkative than Barizorg

Was a prototype robot soldier intended to be mass produced by Zaien. No plans were made to mass produce Argus.
Has a rivalry with Joe Gibken, GokaiBlue, due to Sid, his human self, being an old friend of Joe, who desparately wants to revert him to his old self. Seemingly has a rivalry with Noah Carver, the blue Mega Ranger, without a real established reason.
When it was revealed Barizorg could not be reverted to his human self, Joe killed him to put his friend Sid out of his misery. Noah killed Argus because he prevented him from returning to his friends, who needed his help.