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This article is about a/an comparison of characters in the Super Sentai and Power Rangers franchises.

Kyoryu Green/Dino Charge Green Ranger

This page highlights the differences between Souji Rippukan and Riley Griffin.

Kyoryu Green
Kyoryu Green
Dino Charge Green


Souji Riley
Souji debuted in the first episode. Riley debuted in the second episode, but was credited in the first episode.
He is a customer in Tiger Boy in the beginning of Kyoryuger. He works at Amber Beach Dinosaur Museum as a Dino Bite Cafe waiter since the third episode.
Was trained in kendo by his father. Taught himself fencing techniques in secret.
Was a loner. Was intellectual and serious.
His mother left home when he was a child. He chose to stay with his father. His father hasn't been seen; he lives with his mother, brother, and pet dog.

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