This article is about a/an comparison of arsenals in the Super Sentai and Power Rangers franchises.
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This page highlights the differences between Ranger Keys and Legendary Ranger Keys.

Ranger Keys
Legendary Ranger Keys


Ranger Keys Power Keys
Made directly from the 34 Super Sentai and scattered across the universe. 17 teams were on display at Gosei's Command Center
Gokaiger keys are flat base colors throughout the show. Super Mega Mode keys are metallic colors upon their debut and in most shots.
Stored in the Treanger Box and sent to the Gokai Buckles via the Key Road Larger versions stored in the Command Center and glow when copies are generated in each Ranger's belt.
Required the Gokaigers to slowly collect them before the start of the series, beginning with the number of keys AkaRed handed over to Captain Marvelous. Already readily available by the time the Super Mega Rangers begin.
Gokai Changes have no set time-limit but act as a second morphed layer over the Gokaiger suits, in general. Legendary Ranger Modes are taxing on each Rangers' strength and can only be used for an unspecified but limited time per access, depending on the Rangers' strength. They act as a third morphed layer on top of the Super Mega Mode, which is more resilient.
The Sixth Ranger and Extra Hero keys were in possession of Basco before being taken by the Gokaigers. These were initially used by the core Gokaigers before Gai ever used them. Sixth Ranger and Auxiliary Hero keys are in the Command Center but only manifest when Orion arrives. Troy notes that Orion is the catalyst to usage of said keys.