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Comparison:Ranger Keys (toyline) vs. Legendary Ranger Keys (toyline)

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This article is about a/an comparison of toylines in the Super Sentai and Power Rangers franchises.
Zeo Billy
I'm working as fast as I can, but construction could take days!

Actually, this article is a work in progress. There are still many facts that can be added, and the article should be complete in time. Please help us speed up the process by adding to it.

This page highlights the differences between Ranger Keys (toyline) and Legendary Ranger Keys (toyline).

Ranger Keys
Legendary Ranger Keys


Bandai Japan Release Bandai America Release
Contains exclusive keys for all pre-Power Ranger Super Sentai seasons alongside Dairanger, but not Armored TyrannoRanger or VRV Master. Contains exclusive keys for the Armored Mighty Morphin Red Ranger, Phantom Ranger, and the American exclusive Titanium Ranger.
Closer to prop design in terms of mold and overall look Modified to be smaller and varies in some areas. Not show accurate.
Some body detailing may be stickers Body detailing is entirely painted
Bow is mostly show-accurate Bow has a QR-like code for use with app
Generally no spring functionality Spring functionality for every key
Exclusives released online via Bandai Premium or events and magazines Exclusives released via conventions
Not used for Mechas (except for Machalcon) only role play toys and ride-and-go vehicles Used for Mechas, as well as role play toys.
Used for Dice-O gaming Used for Mobile apps
Silver and gold keys are mostly gray and orange. Silver and gold keys are painted silver and gold.

Released Items

Note that all pre-Zyuranger/Mighty Morphin keys are excluded from the list.

Bandai Japan Release Bandai America Release
TyrannoRanger (candy/dx/gash) Red Ranger (Wave 1/Morpher)
Armored Red Ranger (Wave 3 3pk)
metallic Armored Red Ranger (SDCC 7pk exclusive)
DragonRanger (candy/DX/gash) Green Ranger (Wave 3 3pk)
translucent Green Ranger (SDCC cosplayer exclusive)
metallic Green Ranger (SDCC 7pk exclusive)
KibaRanger (gash) White Ranger (Wave 3 3pk)
metallic White Ranger (SDCC 7pk exclusive)
Phantom Ranger (TBA)
Ninjaman (Metal Hero set) Ninjor (TBA)
Titanium Ranger (SDCC 2014)
GokaiRed (various) Super Megaforce Red (candy/DX/gash)
Metallic GokaiRed (Galleon/DX set)
Sparkly GokaiRed (Gashapon)
Translucent Super Megaforce Red (Megazord)

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