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Comparison:Phantom Spy Vancuria vs. Necrolai

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This article is about a/an comparison of characters in the Super Sentai and Power Rangers franchises.

This page highlights the differences between Phantom Spy Vancuria and Necrolai.

Phantom Spy Vancuria/Nai & Mea
MF Necrolai
Necrolai/Nikki Pimvare


Phantom Spy Vancuria Necrolai
Can split into twin girls in goth-lolita outfits called Nai and Mea. Stated she learned this technique as a solution to her loneliness. Can disguise herself as a middle-aged woman.
Has no children; but keeps Hades Beast Mimic as a pet Has a daughter, Leelee
Is immortal; Can be temporarily killed, but after reviving, she will become immune to what killed her before. Is truly invincible
After fall of N Ma, decides to help rebuild Infershia with Hades Goddess Sphinx, with the intention of it peacefully co-existing with Magitopia. After fall of Octomus, moves with Leelee to Briarwood

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