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This article is about a/an comparison of characters in the Super Sentai and Power Rangers franchises.

This page highlights the differences between the Megarangers and the Space Rangers.

IS Rangers
Space rangers


Megarangers Space Rangers
Received their powers from the Megaranger video game. Received their powers from Andros, the Red Space Ranger.
Presumably live at their homes on Earth. Live in the Astro Megaship as their place for the entire season.
Are a video game and technology based team. Are a space themed team.
Became a team after being chosen by INET alongside an already established INET agent. Was a team comprised of four ex-Turbo Rangers and two already established Space Rangers.
All heroes were humans. Only two rangers were aliens.
Excluding MegaSilver, the five core Rangers were High School students. The four Space Rangers were used to be High School students, with the exception of Red and Silver Space Rangers.
Excluding MegaSilver, the enemy until near the finale was unaware of the Megaranger's secret identities. The enemy was always aware of the Space Rangers' secret identities.
Usually addressed each other by ranger designation (i.e. MegaRed) while in costume. Addressed by actual identity (Morphing Complete) while in costume.
Receive their Mega Suits from the transmissions from INET's satellites that sends their Mega Suits over to them when their transformation device (Digitizer, Keitaizer) is used. The Space Rangers, excluding the Silver Ranger, require the transmissions from the Astro Megaship to use and maintain their powers.
After their secret identities were exposed almost everyone turns against them out of fear for their safety, turning the team into pariahs, though in the end the people of their high school are able to see the error of their ways and cheer them on. After they expose their secret identities to the people during the final battle, the people are able to support them and help them bring down Astromena's army with no kind of difficultly whatsoever.

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