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This page highlights the differences between Kyōryū Sentai Zyuranger and Mighty Morphin Power Rangers (Season 1).

Kyōryū Sentai Zyuranger
Power Rangers Season 1


Zyuranger MMPR Season 1
Is the sixteenth installment in Super Sentai. Apart from introducing regular Sixth Rangers in Sentai, this show was not really remarkable in Japan. Is the first installment of Power Rangers and therefore the most recognizable and iconic series of the franchise.
Not all monsters were evil creations made of clay. Some of them were neutral or even benevolent creatures either forced or misled into fighting the Zyurangers. All monsters are fully evil minions of Rita and were originally clay creations.
Multiple monsters had a human form which they used in their plans. Only Pineoctopus displayed the ability to turn into a human.
The monsters were based on magical creatures that lived alongside the dinosaurs and ancient humanity. The monsters were alien soldiers Rita apparently used earlier in her war against the forces of good.
The main villains are all sealed away in the season finale. Only Rita gets sealed. Everyone else ends up working for new villain Lord Zedd in season 2.
TigerRanger is male. Yellow Ranger is female.
The mecha were sentient godlike beings. The Zords were robotic vehicles based on prehistoric creatures.
Series has an independent story that is not influenced by previous or will influence future Sentai series. Is the first season in a larger continuity spanning multiple seasons. Characters from this season will be carried over to the next.
The Red and Green Zyurangers are related, and the green Zyuranger eventually gave his life. Jason and Tommy are not related, nor does Tommy die (he turns into the White Ranger for the next season).