This article is about a/an comparison of characters in the Super Sentai and Power Rangers franchises.

 This page highlights the differences between the Gokaiger  and Super Megaforce .

Kaizoku Sentai Gokaiger
Power Rangers Super Megaforce


Gokaiger Super Megaforce
Is not a sequel to Goseiger, but its a stand-alone series. Is a direct sequel to Megaforce.
The rangers are all entirely new characters. Rangers are the same from Megaforce. Super Mega Mode suits are the same from Gokaiger.
Villains have no connection to Goseiger villains. Warstar was a generals of the Armada.
Is the 35th Anniversary season of the Super Sentai franchise. Is the 21st season of Power Rangers, but the 2nd season of Megaforce.
No Power Rangers-exclusive rangers did appear. The Super Megaforce Rangers transformed into Sentai-exclusive Rangers from Dairanger, Maskman, Flashman, Changeman & Fiveman, none of which appeared in previous seasons of Power Rangers.
Had 51 episodes, 3 movies and a special. Only had 20 episodes.
Has a Christmas episode Has no Christmas special in this series together with Orion
All 5 core rangers are aliens except Gai who's human. All core Rangers are human except Orion who's an alien.
Featured members from almost every past Sentai team interacting with the Gokaigers throughout the series. Several past rangers made out-of-suit cameo appearances during the finale, with only Jayden and Casey appearing in the series itself.
Outside of the Great Legend War, the team had various crossovers with other Sentai teams, including the core Hurricanegers, Goseigers, Go-Busters and Zyuohgers. Never featured the team fighting alongside other Rangers apart from the Legendary Battle.