This article is about a/an comparison of characters in the Super Sentai and Power Rangers franchises.
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This page highlights the differences between Nezirejia Action Commander Guirail and Darkonda.



Guirail Darkonda
Guirail was a being from the alternate dimension of Neziregia. Darkonda was a Space Alien and a bounty hunter.
Grinds his teeth when laughing. Laughs normally.
Tried to worm his way into becoming the leader of the force lead by Doctor Hinelar and succeeds in doing so. Tried to use his expertise to take over the conquest of Earth lead by Astronema and ends up temporarily usurping her place until she returns.
Had no connection to the creation of Shibolena. Originally kidnapped Karone, thus leading to her transformation into Astronema.
Killed in the first showdown with the Ginga Gattai Mega Voyager. Lost one of his 9 lives against the Mega Voyager (In Space).
Remained loyal to Javious to the very end. Had no loyalty to anyone but himself. Delivered a warhead that ultimately killed himself and Dark Specter.
Was given a NeziGen Capsule by Dr. Hinelar, which made him go insane and lead to his death. Was given a tainted strength potion by someone working for Eclpitor, which lead to him losing one of his lives.