This article is about a/an comparison of characters in the Super Sentai and Power Rangers franchises.
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Great Sword Man Zubaan/Sentinel Knight

This page highlights the differences between Great Sword Man Zubaan and Sentinel Knight.

Sentinel Knight


Great Sword Man Zubaan Sentinel Knight
Can only say his name. Is capable of speaking full sentences.
Initially takes the appearance of a sword in a stone. Initially a ghostly being awakened by Andrew Hartford.
Has always been able to transform into a sword. Gained the ability to transform into a sword after combining with Excelsior.
Weapon and guardian of the civilization of Lemuria. Protector of the Corona Aurora, an ancient treasure that grands wishes.
Works alongside Satoru Akashi as a sentient Precious. Works primarily alongside Mack Hartford and becomes his Battlizer.
Protector of Natsuki Mamiya due to her Lemurian heritage; including after her abduction and usage by Ryuuwon. Brainwashed to assist Moltor during a scheme to abduct Ronny Robinson; has no connection to Yellow Overdrive otherwise.