This article is about a/an comparison of characters in the Super Sentai and Power Rangers franchises.
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Gosei Great

Gosei Great/Gosei Great Megazord

This page highlights the differences between Gosei Great and Gosei Great Megazord.


Gosei Great Gosei Great Megazord
Heads- The Headders were originally part of the Goseiger arsenal, which later gained the ability to become Gosei Machines. Heads- The Mega Blasters have identical heads to the zords but are not one and the same.
Machines- Their developed Gosei Machine forms however were granted as a 'miracle', and fulfilled a Gosei Angels prophecy. Machines- The Zords are Mechazords are originally part of the arsenal, but only saw usage beginning their second battle with Yuffo.
Kept being used by the Goseigers throughout their entire series. Was not replaced by GokaiOh as it belonged to an entirely different team; the Gokaigers. Was replaced in favor of the much stronger Legendary Megazord. Was temporarily used again when Vrak disabled the use of the Legendary Ranger Powers.
Was seen to be destroyed by Zangyack during the Great Legend War, but rebuilt soon after. Never directly fought in the initial battles against the Armada. Gosei Great Megazord was only survived when the Legendary Megazord was destroyed.
Fought against GokaiOh during 199 Hero Great Battle movie, due to the Goseigers thinking the Gokaigers stole their powers. Never fought against the Legendary Megazord, as it belonged to the same team of Rangers.
Fought alongside most Super Sentai robo's during the 199 Hero Great Battle movie. Never fought alongside or even encountered Megazords outside the Megaforce season.