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This article is about a/an comparison of characters in the Super Sentai and Power Rangers franchises.

Gokai Silver/Super Megaforce Silver

This page highlights the differences between Gai Ikari and Orion.

Gokai Silver
The Gokaiger's newest member
Super Megaforce Silver


Gai Orion
Is the only Earthling on a team full of aliens. Is the only alien survivor on a team full of Earthlings.
Was searching out the Gokaigers to join them due to their similar Ranger forms. Was observing the Mega Rangers but not actively seeking them.
Was the original Sixth Ranger of their team and had no connections to Gosei Knight. Replaced Robo Knight as the Sixth Ranger, as he has disappeared.
Received his powers from the deceased AbareKiller, TimeFire, and DragonRanger. Received his powers after finding the morpher & key one day while working at the mines one week prior to the Armada invasion.
Does not have a connection with the Goseigers or Master Head before joining the Gokaigers. Is somehow connected to Gosei.
Is a happy-go-lucky Sentai Ranger with vast knowledge on past Super Sentai. Is seeking vengeance for his planet, which was destroyed by the Armada. But has no knowledge on past Power Rangers.
Did not fight in the Legend War as it took place before he became Gokai Silver. Did fight in the Mega War with his Mega Ranger teammates in their original forms as well as Robo Knight.
Never encountered Gosei Knight and Brajira. However five years after Gokaiger he will encounter a duplicate of Brajira in a team-up episode of the following anniversary series. Was kidnapped and had his powers siphoned to bring Robo Knight to Vrak's side.
Joined the Gokaigers when against Ackdos' armada in his first and second wave. Joined the Super Megaforce in their attack against Mavro's second wave of armada. He was at space during the team's confrontation against the first wave but did left the Q-Rex Drill for Noah Carver to remotely controlling it.
Not the owner of Free Joker but rides with Gokai Red while intruding the Gigant Horse. Owns an Armada Battleship that used to escape from his Planet, as well as using it in infiltrating the Armada Mothership.
Meets the Kyoryugers briefly in movie team-up. Never met the Dino Charge Rangers.

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