This article is about a/an comparison of episodes in the Super Sentai and Power Rangers franchises.
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This page highlights the differences between Overcome! Mega Silver's Greatest Crisis and The Silver Secret.

Megaranger Ep. 35
In Space Ep 22
In Space Ep. 22


Overcome! Mega Silver's Greatest Crisis The Silver Secret
The Megarangers knew about MegaSilver's time limit prior to the incident. The Space Rangers did not know about the Silver Ranger's time limit prior to the incident.
Yuusaku is misinterpreted by Kenta and Miku while talking about trying to resolve his Keitaizer issues. Zhane is misinterpreted by Andros and Cassie while speaking with Alpha 6 about his issues after de-thawing.
Yuusaku is confused by Kenta & Miku's treatment of him after the misinterpretation. Zhane takes advantage of the Rangers, particularly Andros and Cassie, after he learns about the misinterpretation.
Kouichirou, Shun, and Chisato did not know about this particular incident until the very end when the truth was revealed. Carlos, T.J., and Ashley are informed by Andros and Cassie, and also believed in this misinterpretation before the truth was revealed.
The 2.5 minute limit is resolved by Yuusaku fixing the issues with his prototype transformation device. The 2.5 minute limit is resolved by Zhane striking his Morpher with a lightning storm.
The other Megarangers scold Kenta and Miku for their misunderstanding after Yuusaku reveals the truth. Zhane is punished to clean the entire Megaship by himself for taking advantage of them after the other Rangers learn the truth from Alpha 6.
Yuusaku secretly hints he has been working on a new secret weapon during the incident, which is fully revealed in the next episode. Zhane has no idea he'll later be receiving his own Zord later.