This article is about a/an comparison of characters in the Super Sentai and Power Rangers franchises.
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This page highlights the differences between Duchess Org TsueTsue and Duchess Org Toxica.



TsueTsue Toxica
Her's and Yabaiba's powers was temporarily upgraded and they gained monstrous forms by Ura. She and Jindrax were brainwashed and changed into monstrous forms unwillingly by Master Org when they discovered he was human.
Her's and Yabaiba's power upgrades were removed once Ura was destroyed. She and Jindrax were freed from Master Org's control and returned to their prior forms after being defeated by Cole with his Animarium Armor.
Remained loyal to the Ogre Tribe Org even after being killed by Rasetsu. After Master Org returns, she and Jindrax help the Wild Force Rangers in rescuing Princess Shayla.
Used by Highness Duke Org Rasetsu as a shield from the Hyakujuuken. Used by Mandilok as a shield from the Jungle Blaster.
She was instrumental in creating the Org Heart to bring forth Ultimate Org Senki from the three fallen Highness Duke Orgs. Was suspicious of Master Org and tried to overthrow him.
Was given a new staff near the finale by the Highness Duke Orgs. Was never given a new staff.
Apparently died with the destruction of the Matrix, but actually survived. Later killed by the Victory Gadget/Hyakujuuken combo. Leaves on good terms with the Wild Force Rangers alongside Jindrax after being saved.
Once teamed up with the Jakanja during a crossover special. Never teamed up with nor met Lothor's group.
Revived by Time Demon God Chronos to be used as part of his Staff of Three Philosophers against the Boukenger and a legend team lead by AkaRed. Never returned to evil and did not fight alongside Thrax.