This article is about a/an comparison of characters in the Super Sentai and Power Rangers franchises.
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This page highlights the differences between Dragon Dark King Salamandes and Prince Olympius.



Salamandes Olympius
Was the youngest child of Grand Witch Grandiene Was the only child of Queen Bansheera
His soul was separated from his body in the form of a human boy while he was in the cocoon. His soul and body remained as one during his change from Impus to Olympus.
His maturation rate took four episodes. He grew to his adult form rapidly, appearing as Olympus in the episode following receiving the Star Power.
Matured into Salamandes after Grandiene partially crossed over to Earth Was involved in bringing Bansheera to Earth.
Had a temporary friendship with Matsuri Tatsumi. Had no special connection with Dana Mitchell.
Was trapped in Hell by Gradiene, in an attempt to seal the GoGoFive as well. Was trapped in the Shadow World by Diabolico, though Bansheera felt no sense of loss for her son.
Did not try to kill Denus and Cobolda. Tried to have Vypra and Loki killed using Vilevine.
Maintained his Ghost King form by using the lifeforce the Psyma Tree siphoned off from the people at an orphanage. Maintained his powered-up form by using the energy stolen from Aquabase that the brainwashed Captain Mitchell was sending.
Was killed when his Ghost King form was defeated, but was revived later in the finale in his normal form. Reverted back to normal after his powered-up form was defeated, but with his Star Power destroyed.