This article is about a/an comparison of characters in the Super Sentai and Power Rangers franchises.
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This page highlights the differences between Dr. Hinelar and Astronema.

Dr. Hinelar


Dr. Hinelar Astronema
Male villain. Female villain.
Never carried weapons. Armed with Wrath Staff.
Revealed to be Dr. Samejima, a former colleague of Professor Eikichi Kubota who chose to join Neziregia. Revealed to be Andros' long lost sister, Karone abducted by Darkonda and raised to be evil.
Becomes the leader of Nezirejia after he uses the Nezirangers to drain Javious of his power, killing him. Ultimately becomes the leader of the Alliance of Evil, particularly after the death of Dark Specter by Darkonda.
Killed, destroying the Grand Neziros in a last effort to destroy the Megarangers. Seemingly killed by her brother Andros, is avenged by Ecliptor, and later revived as Karone.
Succeeded in destroying Javious. Attempted to destroy Dark Specter using the Psycho Rangers, but failed when they were destroyed before completely draining him of his power.
Created Yugande. Was raised by Ecliptor after being kidnapped.
Temporarily takes on a monstrous form in the final episode. Does not have a monstrous form. No connections to Furio.
Never encountered any ranger from Gingaman, much less became one Became the second Pink Lost Galaxy ranger