This article is about a/an comparison of characters in the Super Sentai and Power Rangers franchises.
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This page highlights the differences between Dora Djinn and Genie.

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(Dora) Djinn/Genie


Dora Djinn Genie
The Djinn is a neutral being who existed prior to Bandora's reawakening The Genie is one of Rita Repulsa's evil servants
The Djinn displayed the power to grant the wishes of its master. It was found by a group of children who made use of these powers and ultimately became friends with them. The Genie had no wish granting powers and since it was just one of Rita's monsters, it did not form a friendship with any earthlings whatsoever.
Totpat and Bookback discover the Djinn and use it to fight the Zyuranger Squatt and Baboo gain the lamp from Rita and rub it for facing the Power Rangers
The Djinn can do good or evil dependent on his master The Genie is evil and a member of Rita's force
The Djinn grows into a giant as "Dora Djinn" using a new lamp by Bandora after the original is broken The Genie is grown by Rita, not associated with a new lamp
Breaking the lamp means nothing; merely an inconvenience until a new lamp is made or found for it The Genie is destroyed once it's lamp is destroyed