This article is about a/an comparison of characters in the Super Sentai and Power Rangers franchises.

This page highlights the differences between Don Dolnero and Ransik.

Don Dolnero


Don Dolnero Ransik
Led a small crime family of aliens before traveling back in time with the Londerz Prisoners. Was a Mutant criminal wanted by Time Force who traveled back in time with a prison full of fellow Mutants.
He treats Gien very kindly. He treats Frax like trash.
Had no family relation to Lila and considered Gien a friend, being responsible for transforming him into a robot in order to save his life. Was father of Nadira and considered Frax an inferior robot who was only somewhat useful. Was also unaware of the role he played in forcing Dr. Ferricks to transform himself into a robot following Ransik's attack on him until after Frax released Venomark.
Confronted Gien in an effort to stop his madness but was mortally wounded and subsequently turned over the remaining criminals under his command to the Timerangers. Captured Frax and reprogrammed him to erase his memories of being a human. Later surrendered himself to the Time Force Rangers after nearly killing Nadira by accident and recognizing that he had allowed himself to be consumed by blind hatred.
Could take on human form, never had any dealings with Ogre Tribe Org or the Gaorangers, and never fought alongside the Timerangers. Gained the power to pull weapons from his body by allowing a trio of Orgs to copy his Mutant DNA and become Mut-Orgs, and could also fire energy blasts. Later joined forces with Time Force and the Wild Force Rangers to help them defeat the Mut-Orgs, which resulted in Ransik becoming fully human.
Smokes a lot. Never smokes.