This article is about a/an comparison of characters in the Super Sentai and Power Rangers franchises.

This page highlights the differences between Don Dolnero and Gluto.

Don Dolnero


Don Dolnero Gluto
Cunning leader of a mafia gang in the year 3000. Stupid member of Ransik's mutant army in the year 3000.
Was a very menacing no-nonsense villain. Most of the villains' plans were orchestrated by him. Was purely there for comic relief. Didn't contribute very much in the fight against the Rangers.
Plans involved making as much money as possible while avoiding the authorities from the future. Plans involved trying to woo Nadira, did not step over Ransik's line.
Had Lila as a loyal moll in his gang. Tried and failed to win the affections of Nadira.
Was originally Gien's friend and was the reason he became a cyborg. Had no connection to the incident involving Ransik and the birth of Frax.
Betrayed and ultimately killed by Gien, his former ally. Chooses to re-enter cryogenic stasis during Frax final breakdown in the past.
Had a human form, a fat man wearing a business suit. Never had a human form.
Smokes a lot. Never smokes.