This article is about a/an comparison of characters in the Super Sentai and Power Rangers franchises.
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This page highlights the differences between Dereputa of the Meteor and Creepox.

Dereputa of the Meteor


Dereputa Creepox
First (possibly second) Warstar threat to be faced by the Goseiger on Earth Not the first Warstar threat to face the Mega Rangers; encounters them after returning from a mission

Was defeated in giant mode in episode 12, then comes back in episode 16 until he died but not before unknowingly unearthing the prison holding the Yuumajuu.

Creepox was defeated in battle, then gets enlarged by Vrak and is defeated in episode 7. His loss then prompts Malkor to replace him with Bigs and Bluefur, the leaders of the Toxic Mutants, through Vrak's behalf.
Makes his last appearance and final stand against the Goseigers on Epic 16. Has but a very brief and indirect relation with the Erurei Box at his last moments. Is last mentioned by Troy alongside Admiral Malkor while fighting Vrak for the final time, assuring he would be defeated just like them
Is the last Warstar to fall until Epic on the Movie, outlasting his master, Great King Mons Drake of the Planet, by one episode and a short while. Is the first among the main villains to fall. Is defeated and falls long before his superior and master, Admiral Malkor.